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    That’ll be because Thomas Edison invented fuck all compared to Nikola Tesla.
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One of the funniest exchanges between Jon Stewart and Kristen Schaal I’ve ever seen.
Kristen:  The “sending photos of your penis” craze can be chalked up to an age old misconception that women want more information about your penis and that seeing it will make you more attractive.
Jon:  So, that is not the case?
Kristen:  No, no. Men need to realize that their penis has more power over them than it does over us.
Jon:  To be fair, sometimes women send risque photos to men.
Kristen:  Well, the female body is beautiful. Penises look like a species discovered on the ocean floor living near undersea sulphur jets.
Jon:  So overall, you’d say the male urge to share visual penis information has had a negative effect.
Kristen:  No, not at all. In fact it has been the driving force behind centuries of technological innovation. For example, did you know the lightbulb was first conceived as the penis lamp? Because Thomas Edison realized there were 12 hours in every day when women couldn’t see his penis.